Simulation Methods for Computer Graphics Needs

Simulation of 3d gel: PDF 138kb, ZIP 79kb (executable). This program uses Qt, so you will also need qt-mt230nc.dll to run it. You can download qt-mt230nc.dll from SourceForge and choose the mirror closest to your location.

3d gel screenshot 1 3d gel screenshot 2 3d gel screenshot 3 3d gel screenshot 4
Computer Simulation Methods in Science

Physical limits of computing: PDF 54kb (slides).

Large Scale Computing

Condor - general description: PDF 62kb, PDF 261kb (slides).
Setting up Condor at our cluster (Anthill) and using it for parallel raytracing of images with POV-Ray (via breaking image into n parts and submitting n POV-Ray jobs to the cluster. DAG-Man is then used to launch the simple program merging the image parts when all jobs finish their work): PDF 72kb.

Real-Time Systems

Dining philosophers written in SDL (Specification and Description Language) using Cinderella tool: PDF 33kb (source code and example output).

Computer Graphics

River flow simulation by cellular automata: ZIP 109kb (executable).

Water screebshot 1 Water screebshot 2 Water screebshot 3 Water screebshot 4
Parallel Algorithms

Analysis of sequential matrix multiplication: PDF 54kb.
Parallel Gauss solving of linear systems with partial pivoting: PDF 29kb, ZIP 4kb (source code).

High Availability Systems

Java benchmarks: JVM 98 and JBB 2000: PDF 35kb (slides).

Computer Architecture

Transmeta's Crusoe processor: PDF 457kb.

Computation and Complexity Theory II

Solving Travelling Salesman Problem: Genetic Algorithm vs. Max-Min Ant System: PDF 256kb.
Breaking up the RSA (Rivest Shamir Adleman) algorithm at home: PDF 88kb.

Symbolic Computation II

L-systems: PDF 155kb, example results raytraced with POV-Ray.

L-system example 1 L-system example 2 L-system example 3 L-system example 4
Computational Methods in Science and Engineering

Interpolation PDF 56kb.
Approximation PDF 51kb Splines PDF 39kb.
Iterative solving of linear systems PDF 37kb.
Nonlinear equations and nonlinear systems PDF 25kb.
Direct solving of linear systems PDF 37kb.
PDF 36kb.
Eigenvalues and eigenvectors PDF 26kb. Minimalisation of 2d functions PDF 27kb.
Differential equations PDF 66kb Jack Dongarra's Netsolve system: PDF 114kb.

Object oriented analysis, design and programming

Parking - first steps in Coad-Yourdon OOA PDF 9kb.
Parking - first steps in Coad-Yourdon OOD PDF 13kb.
Parking - first steps in UML PDF 71kb.

Assembler Languages

Simple DOS TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) clock / screensaver:
ZIP 5kb (source code and executable).